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Tour to Kolsai Lakes and Kaindy lake in Kazakhstan January 2018

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What could be better? how to go in winter on an exciting trip with your friends from Australia to Lake Kolsai and Kaindy in Kazakhstan. #KolsaiLake #KaindyLake

My friends are a married couple from Australia. Kristina and Sadji have long planned a trip to Kazakhstan and were waiting for a meeting with me, before the trip they sent me a list of questions about what to take with themselves, what the tour program will be like, how the weather in Kazakhstan in winter (-10-15 degrees)? since in Australia during this time it is hot 30 degrees.

I gladly gave a few recommendations about this and on January 1, 2018 we started our tour!

Ahead was to drive 320 km from Almaty to a guest house in the village to Satty.

The route was from the city of Almaty along the Kuldzhinsky tract, and a new highway the 304 km long road is the easternmost section of the Kazakhstan part of the international transit corridor Western Europe - Western China and built within the state program "Nurly Jol".

Further we turned to the village of Baiseit.

The temperature outside the jeep was -15 degrees celsius, but it did not bother us! There was perfect weather, great landscapes, we did many beautiful photos!

On our way there were many horses, but they are not wild they have a host.

On the way, we stopped to drink coffee right at the road, in the middle of the mountains.

We stopped in a cozy guest house in the village of Satty.

This is a very old settlement, many generations live here. The village is very simple and

cozy, everything here is "real" natural!

The village of a small 1500 people lives there.

On arrival, we were waiting for a delicious dinner, the local family cooked it specially for us so that we could taste national food!

It was really super!

After lunch, it's time to go to Kolsai Lake!

And we set out on the way

The Lake froze and we could walk on the ice.....


We enjoyed trout fishing

This day for each of us was very fruitful and joyful :)

We did a lot of photo prints, joked!

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